X6™ Water Vacuum Pro

The X6™ Water Vacuum Pro, with its powerful motor of up to 1400 W, offers you a total cleaning solution for any surface in your home. It features a translucent recipient with a capacity of up to 10 L, which allows you to control the amount of dust collected and also forget about emptying the vacuum so frequently.
To vacuum with water, remove the filter.
To dry vacuum, insert the filter.

It has a wide operating radius, thanks to its 360º rotating wheels and telescopic hose with ergonomic handle. Its 2-in-1 head adapts to hard surfaces and upholstery as well as delicate floors. The X6™ Vacuum Pro also includes 2 nozzles for optimised cleaning: 1 designed for narrow spaces and the other with synthetic bristles for cleaning shelves or non-upholstered furniture.

RRP: €299.50


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