X6™ Bag Free Vacuum

Your best ally for cleaning

X6™ Water Vacuum Pro

Total cleaning solution for any surface.

X6™ Steam Mop

Spotless cleaning for much less!

X6™ Steam & Soap

The Power of steam & detergent

X6™ Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

The Power of liquid vacuum in your hands

X6™ Steam Mop Compak

Always have the power of steam handy.

X6™ Xtreme Mop

The definitive mop!

X6™ Vacuum Window Cleaner

Your windows will be always clean.

X6™ Vacuum Multifunctional

Give your home a full clean

X6™ Instant Clean-Pen

Remove stains in seconds.

X6™ Microfibre mitt

Your home will be always clean

X6™ Clean & Go

Clean your home without extra efforts

X6™ Bobble Remover

Don’t throw out your favourite clothes!

X6™ TriMop Spray

Easily clean any surface!

X6™ Handy Vacuum

Now cleaning is easier and lighter!

X6™ Turbo Brush

There will be no corner left without cleaning!

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